Take your training to the next level with an advanced workout and training plan.

If you feel like your training has hit a plateau or simply want to progress further and quicker, book in for an advanced session with Neil and learn how to take yourself to the next level.

This can relate specifically to sports performance or a gym user looking for a challenge. It isn’t just about cracking the whip, this is focused on balancing your routine to get the best out of you physically and mentally. Incorporating specific goals and challenges gives you an edge – but making sure all the right training elements are in the routine is paramount.

Neil’s experience in advanced programming both personally and professionally means not only will he help you get outstanding results he will also educate you and help you understand how you get there.

‘Neils ability to test you at all different levels from beginner to olympic style training is very impressive, he thinks on his feet and will push you to the limit.

Chris Barton

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