Learn how to balance your diet for effective results.

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Getting the body you desire can only be achieved when good training and nutrition is combined. Most clients find this the most challenging part, so Neil see’s this as an essential part of your progress. Breaking bad habits, and forming new ones can be difficult – so fundamentally we need to make sure you are nourished. This means making sure you have a well-balanced diet with key mineral and vitamins in abundance, so you feel full, satisfied and energy levels are good

Years of training and nutrition experience give Neil an insight into getting results fast. It is going to take commitment and dedication, but it’s all going to be worth it when you get amazing results and your body shape improves.

You will have to trust Neil, and believe the information he is giving you is of the highest callibre. The client testimonial page is a testament to his nutrition advice.

His clients have reached unbelievable goals for more than 20 years. His direct and simple formulae will help you focus on what nutrients your body needs to function on a higher level. Applying his ethos and principles will guarantee you not only feel great and energized but also you will look fantastic.

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