Recover from injury or surgery with targeted training.

Most clients will have an element of rehabilitation in there program. Whether it’s a corrective exercise, stretching a tight muscle or something more serious – recovering quickly and effectively is so important. Designing a great program which considers and incorporates rehabilitation is simply priceless This all goes hand in hand with strength and conditioning. It sounds simple right?

Neil works closely with leading physiotherapists and osteopaths and is trusted to take clients from the point when they are ready to exercise again after injury or surgery…….through that transition phase and back to exercising properly.

It is also necessary to adapt as you train – injuries and niggles can occur at anytime.

Slide Relieves muscle spasms Reduce or eliminate Pain! Improved recovery rate! Specialised approach
for each client
Have a progressive structure
to your recovery
Recover from injuries quicker! Improved balance, coordination
and muscle strength!
Improved mobility and movement! Ensures slow, steady and
sustainable repair of the body
Can help avoid surgery