Understand how to lose fat.

Neil will expertly guide you through the fundamentals of fat loss. The key to losing fat is closely monitoring your body composition. Don’t make the mistake of relying on the scales – they measure mass (weight) not fat weight. So if you are trying to shed fat – measuring your body composition is essential for tracking your progress.

When you are training hard you will build muscle (which is a very positive by product of training). Building muscle facilitates burning more energy, and therefore helps massively when you are trying to lose fat.

Stop guessing and start training the right way. This ties in very closely with nutrition and helps give you the feedback needed to progress.

Slide Measure and monitor
your body composition

Ultimately there are lots of elements that effect fat loss. There isn’t one simple answer, however Neil has extensive experience helping people lose fat. In order to monitor and track fat loss, it is essential to measure your body composition. By doing this, you can establish if the process is working. Without measuring your body composition you will not be able to monitor your progress…….you will be guessing. So stop guessing and start getting results using tried and tested well researched methods.

Here are some common questions people have when trying to lose fat. Neil can provide the answers to all these questions and tailor a plan bespoke for you.

  • Whats the best type of exercise for fat loss?

  • What should I eat to help lose fat?

  • What should my calorie intake be for fat loss?

  • How long will it take?

  • Calories in Vs Calories out

  • How do I optimise fat loss?

  • Do I need to take supplements? Which supplements will help?

  • Does strength training help fat loss?

  • Cardio Vs HIIT training?